Improving and Evolving with After Action Reviews

At Hixson, we strive to incorporate feedback received during the course of every project we undertake and to evolve and improve our methods and practices based on that feedback. One … Read more

Hixson is Hiring!

In light of the fact that tomorrow is FEBRUARY 14, it is only fitting that Hixson would LOVE to have you on our team.  (Take a look at our open … Read more

Four Things to Know About ICSC CenterBuild 2018

The International Council of Shopping Center’s (ICSC’s) annual CenterBuild Conference, held in late 2018, is the go-to symposium for retail design and construction professionals including developers, landlords, retailers, architects, engineers … Read more

The Hixson Innovation Incubator

Hixson created our Innovator Incubator to solve some of the industry’s challenges that may otherwise go unsolved. Clients submit issues to us, and, if accepted, Hixson’s knowledgeable, experienced professionals will … Read more

Top Three Blog Posts for January 2019

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Viscous Fluid Impact on Centrifugal Pumping

In a follow-up to the October 2018 edition of From Experience, the January issue looks at another aspect of fluid viscosity: its impact on pump selection and sizing.  Read the … Read more

The Hixson Co-op Program

For decades, Hixson has worked closely with regional universities to hire co-ops, as well as recent graduates, into our technical staff including architecture, interior design, and several engineering disciplines. At … Read more

Hixson at 70: Building Impenetrable Client Loyalty

At Hixson, we are not interested in working with just any company. Instead, we look to build strategic partnerships with the clients we serve and invest in these relationships. Because … Read more

An Update on Maple Leaf Foods Facility

Work is continuing on the creation of a new 640,000 square foot facility for Maple Leaf Foods. In November, Hixson announced that we were selected by Maple Leaf Foods to … Read more

What Hixson Delivers: Intelligent Project Execution

In today’s post, we will look at the third item which Hixson strives to provide in every interaction with our clients: Intelligent Project Execution. (See our earlier posts on Insight … Read more