Thinking About Converting Office to Labs? Start Here…

At first glance, converting existing offices to labs, whether just a floor, a wing, or an entire building, may make a great deal of sense:  The facility may already be … Read more

Hixson’s Top Blog Posts – November 2019

Yes, we realize it’s almost been a week since Thanksgiving, but many of you may still be feeling the lingering effects of a food coma.  One great way to help … Read more

Take a Fresh Look at “Ammonia Machinery Room Safety Controls”

Industrial ammonia machinery room safety systems are a key element in keeping personnel and property safe from harm. Read about the four major ammonia threat categories and the protections that … Read more

Bloomingdale’s at the SoNo Collection Now Open!

It’s now open!  Late last year, we told you about the Bloomingdale’s store being built at the SoNo Collection in South Norwalk, Connecticut, a 700,000 sq. ft. “contemporary shopping experience” … Read more

The Physics of Greeley’s

The October issue of Hixson’s From Experience newsletter looked at the use of Greeley’s Formula for estimating pipe leak losses.  As you read the issue, you may recognize the similarities … Read more

Department Spotlight: Interior Design

For the Hixson Interior Design team, no detail is insignificant.  Consider, for example, the design of terrazzo flooring for the U.S. headquarters facility of the global fragrance and flavors manufacturer … Read more

Prepare Affair 2019

Each year, a large group of volunteers from Hixson – both associates and families – join together to assist in Prepare Affair sponsored by People Working Cooperatively.  Held this year … Read more

“Why Open Offices Aren’t Working – and How to Fix Them”

Have time for something a little different? We recommend reading this transcript or listening to a recent interview from Harvard Business Review (HBR) on “Why Open Offices Aren’t Working — … Read more

Want to Decrease Wastewater Surcharges? Think Sensors!

What if you knew within a few minutes that more-than-average amounts of valuable product or raw materials were in the wastewater system? Could you identify processes to change or reinforce … Read more

“Has it really been 25 years already?” Beth Robinson Celebrates Milestone Anniversary

In September, Hixson’s Beth Robinson, Vice President and Director of Continuous Improvement, celebrated 25 years with our firm.  Recently, we asked Beth to reflect on her time here at Hixson … Read more