Nestle Quality Assurance Center
Dublin, OH

The Nestle Quality Assurance Center (NQAC) in Dublin, Ohio offers specialized services, factory hygiene, and food safety systems on a 24/7 basis to Nestle production facilities throughout the Americas. After years of growth and with capacity maxed out, Nestle turned to Hixson. The team developed a comprehensive Master Plan designed to address both existing and future needs, and then, following that plan, created a design for a new 35,000 sq. ft. Microbiology lab addition and associated facility renovations.

The result is a QA Technician's Dream Space. The new NQAC Microbiology Lab provides scientists a place where they can focus on the data, and not be impeded by any facility limitations. Process flows are now separated, safety and ergonomics were addressed in a multi-faceted fashion, site issues were eliminated, state-of-the-art mechanical and utility systems were installed. In addition, the facility incorporates sustainability throughout.