Rookwood / Northport Gardens
Lifestyle Centers
Cincinnati, OH / Northport, FL
Client: Jeffrey R. Anderson

Rookwood: Hixson was the master planning consultant for this newest upscale mixed-use center. Rookwood Exchange, an expansion of the adjacent Rookwood Commons, was studied for numerous uses, high and mid-rise offices, hotels, a theater, parking structures below and above ground, retail, restaurants, and residential towers. LEED certification is a goal of the developer, so planning involved the integration of many sustainable design concepts such as green roofs, chilled beam HVAC, siphonic drainage, and other high-performance building systems.

Northport Gardens: Hixson master planned the retail lifestyle and power center acreage for one of the largest mixed-use developments proposed for central west coast Sarasota County, Florida. When completed, in addition ot he 1,400,000 SF of retail, 10,000 residential units and several office buildings are being planned.