Sara Lee Foods
Company Store
Downer's Grove, IL

Hixson's solution had to reconcile three objectives: 1) Allow the customer to experience the Sara Lee brand in a store-like setting, 2) Add valuable "brand perspective" for Sara Lee associates, and 3) Allow associates to purchase current in-store merchandise.

The store is located in the company's headquarters building, along a major connector hallway between the parking garage and an elevator bank.

While the location for the store was exceptional, it came with several design challenges, including dealing with existing natural lighting conditions. Hixson's integrated design team modeled the space, debated solutions and calculated lighting levels, all of them impacting final layout and fixture selections. The selection of back-lighted "Sara Lee Red" ceiling panels, along with LED-lit refrigerated display cases and graphic panels, provides an impactful way for both customers and associates to experience the Sara Lee brand.