Workplace Environments

Executive Center
Sharonville, OH

When a long-time lessee moved out of one of the three Executive Centre buildings, the property management team knew it was the right time to make changes. While core and shell elements of the building were still in great condition, and mechanicals recently replaced, the building's interior still remained stuck in the 1980's. Finishes such as carpet patterns, paint colors, lighting fixtures, and even ceiling heights reflected the past.

To make the necessary fixes and bring the property into the 21st Century, the Executive Centre team called Hixson Architecture, Engineering, Interiors, the firm that originally designed the Executive Centre complex. The solution suggested by Hixson was a multi-action, phased redesign plan that provided Executive Centre property management group with numerous benefits, including good flexibility for cash flow, allowing for premium lease agreements and more. Calling the redesign "timeless," the property management group is thrilled by the results Hixson achieved, and believes the updated facility will appeal to multiple users.

LEED EB Certification