Workplace Environments

Beverage Manufacturer
Corporate Offices

Embarking on a new and exciting business venture, a leading U.S. beverage manufacturer purchased a brownfield facility in the South to serve both as production and headquarters space for the initiative. Less than 10% of the facility - just 40,000 sq. ft. - was allotted for office and employee welfare purposes. Yet every inch needed to reflect the grandeur traditionally associated with a global flagship operation, while incorporating the culture, branding, and amenities already established for, or offered at, other company locations.

Hixson, selected to re-design and engineer the facility to meet the client's needs, understood that people were at the heart of this project. All employees working at the facility, representing all levels of the leadership spectrum, were new to the client's organization. To help them assimilate into the company dynamic, corporate branding details were integrated throughout. In addition, teaming spaces, ranging from impromptu meeting areas to a formal training center, all with high technology elements built in, were included in the design to foster collaboration and innovation between team members. To attract and retain the best and brightest personnel, amenities designed into the renovated space included:

  • A meditation center for moments of relaxation and reflection.
  • Private "phone booths" for personal conversations.
  • A cafeteria featuring healthy, fresh self-serve options such as fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • A planned workout center for the tobacco-free campus.
  • Internet kiosks to allow plant personnel to access the web during breaks.
  • An outdoor patio with seating featuring a pergola and grills for team bonding activities.