Workplace Environments

Lexmark International, Inc.
Center For Children
Lexington, KY

Lexmark is a global technology company providing document management and IT services. Lexmark chose Hixson as lead designer working in association with Bright Horizons to provide best-in-class childcare for its nearly 2,000+ employees at its corporate campus in Lexington, Kentucky. The directive: Create something fun and fresh that would reflect Lexmark's journey toward a more innovative culture.

According to Lexmark's Director of HR & Corporate Communications, Hixson "nailed it." Known as the Lexmark Center for Children, the facility is a 25,000 square foot building with a daily capacity for 180 children ages six weeks to pre-kindergarten, as well as 48 school-aged children during summers and holidays.

Lexmark Chairman and CEO Paul Rooke said that the center, which has received LEED Gold certification, is a relfection of Lexmark's "innovative culture" and will provide a first-class educational program that "will see our children on a journey into their future."

LEED Gold Certification