Workplace Environments

Macy's, Inc.
30+ Projects
National Account

The transformation of the 1970's-era, 21-story office tower into a brand-driven headquarters for this international retailer was led by Hixson's workplace strategists and designers. the acquisition of the May Company and the need to add 200 people to the tower acted as a catalyst for radical change. The 350,000 sf revitalization included complete design and construction, including an upgrade to building systems.

The new environment reorganized all departments to improve workplace communication and collaboration while improving the work process. Moving from private offices to a more open environment, Macy's maximized the use of real estate while improving flexibility and creating new standards. Outside light is brought into the interior of the building, adding 60% more daylight, and city views are now shared by everyone.

Hixson Teams have also delivered multiple Bloomingdale's and Macy's stores throughout the U.S. within the past decade.