Workplace Environments

Tenant Build-Out
Cincinnati, OH

Spectacular city views, convenient highway access, and free parking for employees were just a few of the reasons Arkansas-based Rockfish Interactive chose to lease its new Cincinnati office in historic Mt. Adams. The company also needed space to grow, with expectations to ramp up to 75 employees within the first three years.

Working with Rockfish to define their vision and bring it to life, the Hixson team designed the space to facilitate collaboration, allow flexibility for technology changes and expected growth, and support a high level of transparency between work teams. The journey into the Rockfish workplace begins at a curved bulkhead at the front door which, like the legendary yellow brick road, leads the visitor into the offices. City views, visible throughout thanks to features such as glass walls in meeting rooms, help remind Rockfish employees to keep their client in their focus at all times, while allowing daylighting to flourish. Following the corporate-based bright color palette and furniture standards (including bench-style seating), Hixson designed individual workspaces and teaming areas to meet the needs of the Generation X/Millennial workforce at Rockfish. Amenities such as a beer tap and cozy lounge spaces were also incorporated.