Workplace Environments

Law Offices
Cincinnati, OH

In 2013, Graydon, one of Cincinnati's largest, most established law firms, embarked on a journey to become the region's most innovative and vibrant law firm, recognized by its clients as an indispensable partner for its service and expertise. Today, Graydon's new space at 312 Walnut, designed by Hixson in partnership with brand design consultant Kolar Design, is helping the prestigious 145-year old firm successfully deliver on its goals - revolutionizing the way the firm engages with its changing workforce demographic, its clients...even the community at large.

The future vision and culture of Graydon has been interpreted through its workplace strategy and design. Some of the new features in the design of the firm's sweeping riverfront space, one of the largest new commercial office developments in the Queen City in the past year, include:

  • Office spaces that are more reflective of the firm's warm and inviting culture and the people who work at the firm. Attorney's offices, still located on the coveted perimeter, now have glass fronts, providing transparency and increasing approachability while still providing the option to close the door and accommodate the need for confidentiality and privacy.
  • An effective integration of technology throughout the office to enhance work processes, communication and better serve clients. With this integration, employees from one of the firm's seven practice areas can be intermixed, rather than co-located by department, allowing for cross-pollination of ideas across practice areas.
  • Improved layout efficiencies enabling a reduction in overall square footage and a move to a more universal office size for increased flexibility. Included with this new floor plan are a number of diverse spaces to allow employees opportunities for deep thinking and quiet reflection. These include a war room, areas that incorporate walk stations designed to allow employees to move during the day but also think while they move, and a visitor office located at the south end with a panoramic view of the riverfront.
  • Increased natural light, color, energy and visibility/accessibility of associates throughout the office support enhanced collaboration.