Workplace Environments

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Franchise Concept Development
Cincinnati, OH

When this innovative group decided to move into 20,000 square feet of leased, former-warehouse space, they needed a high-energy redesign to foster the generation of new ideas. Teamwork, communication and collaboration were critical. Hixson's design opened up the space and encourages interaction among the team members. Each product team now has their own casual collaborative area or "den," complete with sofas and lounge chairs to allow for impromptu meetings and informal idea exchanges. Movable white boards, both standard and custom built, make it easier for creative new concepts to be instantly illustrated to co-workers. Fully-operable garage doors, reused from the former warehouse, can be activated for privacy. Plus, outside of the conference room is a "bistro" style lounge area, complete with custom counter tops and bar stools.

AIA Merit Award.