Hixson Designs CT/CH Suite for Medpace

Hixson recently created a suite of Constant Temperature/Constant Humidity (CT/CH) rooms designed to allow Cincinnati-based Medpace to bring critical product testing to its Cincinnati location.

Cincinnati-based Medpace delivers Phase I-IV clinical development services for pharmaceutical, biologic, and medical device industries across all major areas, including oncology, cardiovascular, metabolic/diabetes, infectious disease, and neuroscience. When a long-time Medpace client expressed interest in moving critical product testing work to Cincinnati, Medpace selected Hixson to create a suite of rooms equipped for this purpose.

Because these products require precise environmental conditions for laboratory testing control purposes, the project involved the creation of a Constant Temperature/Constant Humidity (CT/CH) area. Hixson capitalized on our experience in the R&D and food manufacturing sectors, bringing new thinking to the table for Medpace. In addition, using a phased implementation plan allowed the building’s other functions/departments to remain operational during the project. The $2 million renovation was delivered on-time and on-budget and enabled Medpace to be ready for the peak clinical trial season.

Medpace controlled humidity, temperature room  Controlled temerature, humidity room

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