Department Spotlight: Manufacturing

Backed by a wealth of experience working on food, beverage and GMP projects, Hixson’s Manufacturing Engineering team develops innovative solutions for our clients’ most complex manufacturing needs. Our industry-leading Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) combine this experience with state-of-the-art technology to provide 3D plant layouts, new product development, and packaging and processing solutions, as well as integrate material handling systems, evaluate and select equipment, and identify integration partners.

Hixson’s Manufacturing Engineers begin their work at the initial stage of a project, partnering with clients to provide insightful, real-world solutions to their specific manufacturing needs. Understanding the full scope of a client’s project allows the Hixson team to design cost-effective solutions that emphasize employee safety, product quality, and process through-put. Contact Hixson to learn more about the capabilities of the Hixson Manufacturing Engineering team.

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