Innovation and Creativity Come to Life in Seed Strategy HQ Design

Hixson is excited to announce that we have partnered with Seed Strategy in the design their new headquarters, located on the seven-acre campus of Burke Inc. – Seed’s parent company – in downtown Cincinnati. According to Susan Jones, CEO and Founder of Seed Strategy, “Seed was founded with the goal of providing a sanctuary for the creative spirit.”  In keeping with this idea, the concept of a “treehouse” has long represented a stage for the sort of boundless creativity, close collaboration and purposeful play that fires breakthrough innovation at Seed. Today, that metaphor is coming to life with Hixson’s design of a modern treehouse-inspired home for the growth acceleration firm. The two-story, V-shaped structure extends its “arms” southeastward toward Burke’s LEED-certified headquarters, while tree-like pillars rise up from the foundation outside the all-glass first floor and fan out to support the glass-and-wood upper story.

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