A Hixson Innovation Incubator Story

To promote cleanability, and therefore food safety, door frames should be installed prior to wall installation when renovating an existing facility. This is especially important for hollow metal frames and custom bent plate frames located in production areas. Yet in the majority of cases, it just doesn’t happen, whether as the result of schedule demands, incomplete information provided to the field, a lack of communication of importance, or other reasons.  Putting the walls in first though makes it difficult to achieve the desired conditions, and may result in trip hazards, cleaning issues, harborage conditions and/or maintenance issues caused by:

  • Exposed thread fasteners at the slab anchorage.
  • Voids in knock-down hollow metal frames.
  • Inability to install custom bent plate frames post wall installation.
  • Exposed IMP base track.
  • Inconsistent curb termination at frames.

The issue was examined using the resources of the Hixson Innovation Incubator, an in-house engine that provides Hixson associates with the time and financing to work on developing solutions for previously unsolved problems.  In this case, design charrettes were held with a select group of stakeholders from both inside Hixson and externally, and different brackets and frames were test welded at a fabricator shop. The final result? An easy-to-fabricate, inexpensive stainless steel bracket which is able to accept both new and existing construction. The bracket, which is anchored to the slab during the initial room layout phase, can accommodate the installation of multiple combinations of door and curb types and meets multiple requirements, including cost, fabrication parameters, flexibility for curb/slabs, etc. It can be installed prior to wall installation by anchoring it to the slab through a slotted opening at the base leg (which also allows for adjustability). In addition, the bracket can be installed at existing Insulated Metal Panel walls by removing a portion of the foam insulation to provide clearance to anchor the bracket through the square opening.  Upon installation, the void would be foam solid, and afterwards, the two-piece frame can be accessed or installed.

Hixson is pleased to make this solution available to all in the food and beverage industry to promote cleanability.

Does your facility have a tough issue that you just can’t seem to overcome? Or maybe the issue isn’t necessarily difficult, but happens more frequently than you would like and you are tired of spending time and energy to fix the problem? If so, let the Hixson Innovation Incubator tackle it. Hixson’s Innovation Incubator puts our firm’s knowledge and expertise to work for the benefit of your facility and the entire industry – at no cost to you.  Tell us about your problem today!


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