Creating the Better Workplace Under Real-World Conditions

Created by Delos, the WELL Building Standard (WELL), combines the knowledge of medical science with that of building science.  Now in Version 2.0, WELL is aimed at being more flexible and possible for all types of projects in every part of the world.

With the intent of merging the silos of health science, building science, and business economics, Delos and the Mayo Clinic teamed together to create the WELL Living Lab, a 7,000 sq. ft. applied research laboratory facility that enables scientists to conduct real-world building research with human subjects. This highly flexible, HIPAA compliant, and environmentally adjustable “Living Lab paradigm” has allowed researchers unique advantages in the “control and monitoring of environmental conditions in the experimental space and around individual participants.” In addition, more typical research tools such as regular surveys and interviews are conducted and recorded to capture specific responses from the participants.

Recently completed and analyzed, the first research study for the WELL Living Lab was designed to “test the ability of the lab facility to vary combinations of environmental conditions and measure their effects on the participants.” Learn more about the results of this study by reading the latest issue of Hixson’s Workplace Insights newsletter.

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