Value of Construction Administration

Insight…Advocacy…Intelligent Project Execution…These values, which are prominently displayed on the back of every Hixson business card, are the foundation upon which our firm has been built. The Hixson Construction Administration (CA) group focuses on these values with every interaction, whether with our clients, contractors, or even with our own Hixson associates.

In fact, Hixson CA strives to always work in our client’s best interest, save money, and avoid future problems, regardless of whether or not a full-time Owner’s Representative, Construction Manager, or General Contractor are also on site. Consider a recent example in which a Hixson CA site visit coincided with a one-day shutdown on a plant renovation project. One of the planned activities for the day was the setting of roof curbs for the duct penetrations, installing flashing in the curbs, cutting out the deck for the openings and any additional related roof repairs. As the contractor was discussing the planned activities, the CA asked about the steel deck supports that are required at these openings. Some members of the contractor’s team thought this was already in place, while others did not realize it was required and wanted to see where it was noted on the drawings. After showing multiple locations on the drawings, several different installation scenarios and options were discussed. The roof curbs were not able to be installed since they had not considered this support steel. It also turned out that the contractor had the material scope covered by two sub-contractors but not the installation. Had the CA not raised the issue, the contractor would have cut the decking without the required steel, compromising both the structural integrity of the roof and the safety of those on and below the roof.

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