Hixson at 70: A Note from our President and CEO

It is no small feat for a company to achieve 70 years of being in business. In my opinion, the main reason Hixson has accomplished this milestone is due to our culture. We have a culture of management by values, where we treat people as people, and understand that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Our culture, and the desire to maintain it, was a main driver in my decision to accept the position as President and CEO of Hixson earlier this year.

I grew up in this company, beginning at Hixson as a co-op in the Architectural Department in 1999 and then hired on full-time in June of 2001. Three months later, the events of 9/11 would impact the world along with the economy, the industry, and Hixson’s clients. The following two years tested and challenged Hixson’s culture and management by values. For two years I did not have a billable project on which to work and yet I received a paycheck every two weeks. During these times, Hixson stood solidly by our values and maintained the continuous employment commitment that is still in place today.

This commitment to our values solidified my passion for Hixson’s culture…a culture that differentiates Hixson from other A/E firms. As President and CEO, my goal is to evolve and elevate our firm while maintaining these core values that we have held for a very long time. Individual associates will come and go, myself included at some point, but Hixson’s culture can span lifetimes. As the current caretakers of this firm and culture, we must be focused on the long-term gain to benefit those who come next.

70 years is a great accomplishment that should be celebrated. We thank all of our associates, clients, vendors and partners with whom we have worked since 1948 and look forward to the next 70 years of success!


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