The Hidden Value of Hixson Construction Administration

As mentioned in our September post, Hixson’s Construction Administration (CA) group is focused on delivering Insight, Advocacy, and Intelligent Project Execution in every interaction.

While not the only value delivered by Hixson CA, cost savings are certainly one benefit that the group provides. Sometimes, these savings are quite substantial, such as the time when Hixson CA conducted an audit on all costs submitted by the Construction Manager (CM) for a plant renovation in the Southwestern United States. Hixson CA’s review found approximately $500,000 of items that were not supported with the back-up data received. After presenting the audit results to the CM and requesting documentation to support the cost, the final value that Hixson determined to be unsupported cost changes equated to approximately $305,000. Hixson reviewed the reconciliation of the allowances provided by the CM and the client negotiated $180,000 in returned allowances.

While not every Hixson CA review will result in such savings, smaller reductions in charges can add up. To learn more about how Hixson Construction Administration can benefit YOUR projects, contact us today.


Value of Construction Administration

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