What Hixson Delivers: Advocacy

Last week, we talked about Insight at Hixson, one of the three items which Hixson strives to provide in every interaction with our clients: Insight, Advocacy and Intelligent Project Execution. In this post, we will take a look in more detail at how Hixson advocates for our clients.

At Hixson, advocacy means that absolutely nothing is allowed to compromise our solutions or our integrity: The only bias we have is to do a great job for our clients. There are three key components of Hixson’s advocacy.

First, Hixson is 100% commercially neutral: We do not accept income or incentives – or sell/represent products – from any company, including equipment suppliers, contractors and others. By remaining commercially neutral, we are able to present recommendations and solutions that are unbiased, making sure that equipment and services stand on their own merits

Second, since many of our associates have previously worked for vendors, contractors and for businesses within the industries we serve, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to know what is valid and what is not…what will be impacted by a change in plans and what changes are acceptable. This allows us to not only steer our clients clear of project conflicts, but, more importantly, act on that experience without bias, to make sure every aspect of a project is completed with our clients’ best interests in mind.

Finally, Hixson’s no-bias approach also leads to accountability, the third component of our client advocacy. Hixson stands behind our work throughout the project and beyond. We are not satisfied with the project or its results unless you are.

Come back next week for the final part of this series: Intelligent Project Execution!


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