What Hixson Delivers: Intelligent Project Execution

In today’s post, we will look at the third item which Hixson strives to provide in every interaction with our clients: Intelligent Project Execution. (See our earlier posts on Insight and Advocacy.) Intelligent Project Execution is Hixson’s disciplined approach to project execution, which involves 360° communication and coordination (ensuring that everyone involved understands what needs to be done), solid management/leadership (getting people to do the right things in a timely fashion), and systematic measurement (constantly verifying that progress, decisions and results are on target with critical success factors).

Intelligent Project Execution begins with clients getting the right team and the right team members for the job. Our associates’ in-depth knowledge of the industries we serve and their experience working together leads to improved communication and coordination between Hixson, the client, contractors and vendors throughout the project life cycle. In addition, our processes at Hixson are collaborative, integrative, and anticipative: Hixson does not have a “it’s not our job” attitude. We will work closely with our clients’ teams and other stakeholders – contractors, vendors, etc. – to make sure that wants and needs are considered and addressed at every stage.

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