Improving and Evolving with After Action Reviews

At Hixson, we strive to incorporate feedback received during the course of every project we undertake and to evolve and improve our methods and practices based on that feedback. One way that we accomplish these goals is through After Action Reviews (AAR).  Initially, Hixson’s use of AARs focused on four key questions from the original AARs developed by the U.S. military and were conducted at a single point during the project. Over time, however, Hixson has modified our AAR process so that today, AARs are much more comprehensive, and include expectations that are defined by the team at project kickoff.  These expectations are then reviewed during the AAR meetings, which are conducted at least twice throughout the project lifecycle.  With these changes, AARs provide teams with a greater ability to target and identify actions that will drive future improvement.


Hixson And Lean: The Choosing By Advantages System

A Culture of Continuous Improvement


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