Hixson Webinar Helps Attendees Navigate the Complexities of Hazardous Materials Storage and Use

“Navigating the Complexities of Hazardous Materials Storage & Use,” the 21st Food Plant of the Future from Hixson took place last week.  The session, a 2019 update to an earlier Hixson webinar on the topic, was designed to provide the latest information regarding regulations and best practices for managing and storing hazardous materials.

According to webinar presenters Scott McGlamery and Derek Wojcikowski of Hixson, one key issue is that many food and beverage companies may not realize that they have enough quantity of hazardous materials on-site to warrant changes in the use and storage of those materials.  However, Derek cautions that “if you are doing any kind of cleaning or sanitizing, using liquid flavor ingredients, are using combustible dusts such as sugar, flour, or other kinds of powder ingredients, or doing any kind of water treatment, including wastewater treatment, ingredient water, boiler make-up water, tower water or anything similar to that, there is a good chance you have sufficient quantities of hazardous materials on site and will need to follow the regulations and guidelines for their management and storage.”


For those who may have missed it, the webinar is now available on archive.  Check it out today!

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