The 16th Annual Hixson Turkey Fry

Once a year, visitors entering the Hixson building mid-morning on a certain day immediately detect an unmistakably delicious aroma:  It’s the day of the annual Hixson Turkey Fry!  Held since 2003, the Hixson Turkey Fry is yet another opportunity for Hixson associates to celebrate the season together. For the event, multiple turkeys are deep fried to perfection throughout the morning, so that at lunchtime, associates can gather to eat the turkey along with delicious side dishes and desserts brought by all.  The annual Hixson Turkey Fry is just one more way Hixson builds camaraderie among our associates.  Want to be part of the fun next year? Check out our open positions today!







The 15th Annual Hixson Turkey Fry

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!


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