Catch Problems BEFORE They Become A Big Deal with Hixson CA

Hixson’s Value of Construction Administration (CA) newsletter highlights some of the many ways in which the Hixson CA team makes a difference on each and every project.

Consider this example:  At a pre-construction meeting for a spray dryer addition project, Hixson reviewed concrete placement and IMP installation schedules. Upon comparing schedules, it was determined that there was no way that the concrete contractor would be able to place the entire 10,000 sf ground floor slab at one time. Hixson CA also pointed out that at least one section (ultimately one side of the building) of Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs) needed to be left open so that the equipment vendor would be able to bring in the spray dryer and other related equipment. In both cases, neither the General Contractor (GC), concrete contractor, IMP contractor, or equipment vendor realized this needed to occur.  Fortunately, Hixson Construction Administration caught these issues before a bigger problem was created.

Want to learn more? Ask for your copy of our most recent Value of CA newsletter to read additional examples of how Hixson’s CA group works on our clients’ behalf, or contact us today to learn more about how Hixson Construction Administration can benefit YOUR projects!


The Hidden Value Of Construction Administration

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