Hixson’s Dairy Story

Hixson’s experience in engineering and design for the dairy industry all started with a bottle of milk – or actually – many, many bottles of milk!  In the mid-1950’s, Hixson designed our first dairy facility for the Kroger Company.  Over the next few decades, Hixson designed eight new dairies and a dairy-focused R&D facility for Kroger.  Today, we still count Kroger as one of our most enduring partnerships.

Since then, Hixson’s experience in the dairy industry has grown exponentially. We have designed facilities and lines that manufacture all types of dairy products, including fluid milk, cheeses, plant-based beverages, yogurt, and ice cream.  Whether products are produced and sold regionally, or shipped long distances, Hixson helps our clients create fresh products with consistent quality in controlled, sanitary environments.  To learn more about Hixson’s specific capabilities for the dairy industry, contact us today!


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