Three Ways to Experience “CANstruction”

Each year, Hixson looks forward to participating in CANstruction, an annual event where architecture, engineering and construction firms design and build structures created from cans of food – tuna, beans, and more.  The “CANstructures” are put on public display and later donated to the Cincinnati Freestore Foodbank to help those in need.

Unfortunately, the ever-evolving COVID-19 situation led the Cincinnati CANstruction Committee to cancel this year’s event.  Even so, Hixson was able to donate all 3,539 cans of food that were intended for our structure.  “We need to remember the purpose of CANstruction and we achieved it by delivering food this year,” said Zohet Baba-Diaz, a Hixson Architectural Designer who serves as the team leader for the firm’s CANstruction entry. “We plan to re-use our design as next year’s entry and look forward to revealing it then!”

In case you’re missing CANstruction and want to experience some of the magic during this off-year, check out these three recommendations:

  1. Visit the photo gallery on the bottom of Cincinnati CANstruction’s website to take a virtual stroll through last year’s entries!
  2. Watch the time-lapse videos as Hixson creates our entries from the past three years:
    1. 2019 – CANdid Camera
    2. 2018 – Shedding Light on Hunger
    3. 2017 – The AvoCANdo – GUAC’ing Out Hunger
  3. Marvel at the wonders that are these Hixson-designed Structural Ingenuity award winners from years past:
    1. 2013: “CAN a Glass Be Half Full?
    2. 2012: “CANopy”
    3. 2011: “Blow the Horn on Hunger”
    4. 2010: “CANasaurus”



Hixson Brings “CANdid Camera” To Canstruction

“Shedding A Light On Hunger” In Cincinnati

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