Remove the Roadblocks in Your Lab Facility: Free Webinar from Hixson!

Organizations are under constant pressure to gain competitive advantages and produce results. This pressure drives the need to hire and retain highly talented personnel, stimulate a high-degree of collaboration to foster innovation, and find ways to enable work processes to be completed efficiently and effectively.

Unfortunately, since R&D facilities and labs are not typically considered profit centers, it can be difficult to justify the construction of a completely new facility.  Instead, personnel often find ways to “make it work” in existing spaces, even if those workarounds are imperfect.  For example, do either of these situations sound familiar?

  • Workflows in and around the lab are inefficient and even cumbersome.
  • Your lab has more than its fair share of non-value-added space and equipment.

If so, join Hixson for “Optimizing Your Lab Facility: Removing Roadblocks to Success,” in which we will explore how R&D facilities can deliver more value to the corporation by eliminating roadblocks to success. Our presenters will show you how to:

  • Identify the biggest facility barriers to performance.
  • Discover the design and engineering solutions that can reduce or eliminate lab constraints.
  • Develop a business case for strategic capital investments for facility improvements.

Optimizing Your Lab Facility: Removing Roadblocks to Success

Presented by Hixson Architecture, Engineering, Interiors

Thursday, May 14

2 p.m. – 3 p.m. ET

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