Move the Dirt? Why Not Displace It Instead?!

As part of a recent project for a large, multi-national beverage manufacturer, Hixson was tasked with designing the foundation to support the work required above ground.  Foundation work though was complicated by the project site. Located in an older, urban center, the site had been the home for numerous businesses over the course of time. Multiple buildings on the historic property had been razed, leaving behind lots of foundational detritus. More importantly, various types of oils, and even dry-cleaning solvents, had leeched – or been dumped – into the soils.  Any soil removed, therefore, would not only require movement off site, but would need additional handling and containment procedures that make it more costly.  Check out the latest issue of Hixson’s Building Experience newsletter to read about the solution used on this project, and why it might be good for your next project too!

Image by Trevi Group:


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