Coronavirus Consequences: Is Remote Working Here to Stay?

Last week we shared a Global Work-from-Home Experience Survey from IFMA Community Workplace Evolutionaries (WE). The survey was designed to “help global employers learn all they can from the employee experience during the Covid-19 crisis and emerge from it with new insights, practices, and approaches to the future of work.”

Information like that compiled by WE may be very important when you consider that remote working may be here to stay. Another recent survey, this one from global research organization Gartner, talked to Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and asked whether their companies will consider continuing to offer remote working after social distancing rules are relaxed. Gartner revealed that 74% of respondents said their company intended to permanently shift some employees to working remotely!.

Is your company one of them? If so, this may have business-altering impacts on your future real-estate and facility design decisions.  Read the full piece here.


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