Working from Home? Three Ideas to Help Improve Focus and Creativity

Over the past couple of months, a majority of us have been working from home, whether in home offices, dining room tables, or even a spare closet!  For most of us, including Hixson Interior Designer Julie Morgan, this is not the norm, but rather, a new way of working borne out of our current situation.  In this first part of a three-part series, Julie provides her top three reflections and suggestions regarding working from home, including ideas that she says are helping her stay productive and creative during this surreal moment in time.

  1. Clean space = clean mind. “As an interior designer, my desk at work is cluttered with products for my review and use: It’s a mess!  At home though, I have a clean desk at my workspace in my kitchen.  Without all the distractions, I’ve discovered that this is allowing me to feel better and more organized.
  2. See water? Drink water! Having an office in the kitchen means that I have a direct view to our water purifier. I have a constant reminder to drink more water and stay hydrated!  At the same time, the need to get up to fill my glass provides an excellent opportunity to move and stretch, or even just take a small break from what I’m doing.  This is great for re-energizing my creativity!
  3. Walk, Walk, Walk! Did I mention moving? I’ve found it’s a necessity!  Since I’m not walking around the office or visiting co-workers with questions, I discovered I need other ways to move. I’ve started taking multiple walks throughout the day to wake me up, clear my mind, or provide time to think. Getting out and walking helps blood circulation and is a great stress reliever!

Come back next week for more tips from Julie!



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