Working From Home? Three Ways to Boost Physical and Mental Health

Last week, we shared with you three tips from Hixson Interior Designer Julie Morgan on how to improve focus and creativity while working from home.  In this week’s post, Julie offers some ideas to help strengthen physical and mental health:

  1. Rest when tired. As for most of us, the COVID-19 quarantine put the brakes on a life that was usually “on the go” for Julie.  During her time working from home, she says she’s discovered that “taking a brief break or even a quick (10-15 minutes) nap allows me to recharge and be more productive afterwards.”
  2. Talk about your mental health. It can be all-to-easy to ignore stress, depression or anxiety about this situation and other life events. “I’ve been very lucky to have the support of my co-workers and the company. They’ve given me an outlet to talk to and ask for tips and tricks to keep my mental health strong.” In fact, an article in the Harvard Business Review suggests that it’s really not difficult to help co-workers whom you suspect may be struggling. If you suspect someone is deflecting your inquiries of whether they are truly okay, “you might say: ‘I respect your privacy. I’m here if you want to talk — and I won’t pry if you don’t.’ This will signal compassion and support in a non-imposing way and model how to build a more open, trusting environment for everyone.”
  3. Sunshine on my shoulders: Makes me happy! As documented in the WELL Building Standard, access to sunlight is key to mental health and overall physical well-being.  The Hixson building provides lots of natural light for our associates like Julie: It was once known as the Daylight Building after all. “My desk at the office is not next to a window but it still gets plenty of light,” says Julie.  “At home though, I am sitting right next to a large window, allowing me to always have views outside and direct access to sunlight.  Julie recommends that if your home office doesn’t provide access to natural light, make sure you take those breaks recommended above (and last week) near windows or outside if possible!

Don’t miss the conclusion of this series, coming next week!


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