Prevent Problems with Construction Administration

With increasingly tight budgets, some companies may consider cutting Construction Administration (CA) to save money. However, as we point out in our Value of Construction Administration newsletter, critical installation components and details are often missed. Hixson CA’s involvement, therefore, often pays for itself.  Sometimes this payback is in direct savings. In other circumstances, Hixson’s involvement prevents future problems.  One such example occurred on a recent line addition project. The Hixson CA observed that duct openings had been cut through walkable ceiling panels at several locations and that the HVAC supply boxes were hung through and below these openings. Additionally, it was observed that the openings did not have the ceiling support channel installed around the perimeter of the opening and supported from the roof structure.  This framing is CRITICAL to maintaining the structural integrity of the ceiling and should have been installed at the time the opening was cut.  The Hixson CA immediately notified the General Contractor, pointing out this potentially dangerous condition, and requiring remediation.

Ask for your copy of our most recent Value of CA newsletter to read additional examples of how Hixson’s CA group works on our clients’ behalf, or contact us today to learn more about how Hixson Construction Administration can benefit YOUR projects!


Catch Problems BEFORE They Become A Big Deal With Hixson CA

The Hixson Construction Administration Group

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