Hixson and Aveva/Wonderware


Did you know? Hixson has been a “Certified InTouch” and “Certified System Platform” Partner with the Aveva/Wonderware platform since 2016. This honor recognizes the depth of knowledge and experience that Hixson’s team brings to the table for these solutions.  Because Hixson has several Aveva/Wonderware certified associates on staff, including the recently certified Adam Sink (congratulations Adam!), our firm is a Certified System Integrator Partner. This assures customers that our firm has experience with a wide range of technologies, including instrumentation, valves, drives, single-loop, distributed and supervisory controls, and interfacing with  manufacturing execution systems, supply-chain planning, and enterprise management systems.

Wondering exactly what is Aveva/Wonderware?  Wonderware, which was recently rebranded as Aveva, is a worldwide leader in Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems.  Here at Hixson, our Automation department specializes in two of Aveva’s software suites: InTouch HMI and System Platform.

The first, InTouch HMI, is the product used for monitoring and controlling “stand-alone” or small systems, e.g., for controlling a production line or a refrigeration system. It is the operator’s window into what is going on within the system being controlled. (A simple push button station is another example of a different type of HMI.) Typical systems will involve one or two HMIs.

The second software suite, System Platform, is a “whole facility,” SCADA software. This means that System Platform is capable of getting data from equipment across the entire facility. The data can then be used in HMIs, for things such as trending and creating reports. System Platform would be used for an entire production facility with multiple production lines, packaging lines, plant utilities, etc.  The software operates as the central location for control and data acquisition of each area of a plant.  For example, a food production plant that has multiple production lines could have multiple HMIs tied to this single SCADA system. Another advantage is that they can be edited from one central location as well.

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