Collaborative Design and Hixson

If you’ve looked through a few pages on Hixson’s website before coming to this post, you may have noticed that we’re pretty proud of the fact that we have not one, not two, or even five technical disciplines here: We have 16!  Having so many technical disciplines in-house, integrated together is a fact that truly set us apart in the industry for many reasons, including the ability to deliver broad and deep expertise, unsurpassed quality control and coordinated execution on every project.

Another big benefit: Collaboration.  With our team of architects, engineers, interior designers, project managers, cost estimators and others all working together in one location, our teams are able to deliver  more comprehensive responses and solutions.  In addition, Hixson teams work closely with each other and with our clients and other stakeholders – contractors, vendors, etc. – to make sure that what a client wants and needs is considered and addressed at every point in the project lifecycle.  Want to learn more about collaborative design at Hixson? Send us an email today!


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