Are You “WELL” Versed: Get Your Employees Moving!

COVID-19 has caused building and business owners to consider what constitutes a healthy workplace. Because of that, many are looking to the WELL Building Standard as a guide.

In recent posts, we’ve highlighted the WELL Building Standard, Version 2, including preconditions and optimizations, as well as how points for certification can be attained. Today we are going to look at one of the 10 concepts that comprise the WELL Standard V2: Movement. (The other concepts are Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Materials, Thermal Comfort, Sound, Mind, and Community.)

The original WELL Building Standard featured a “Fitness” concept.  Under WELL v2, this Fitness Concept has been revamped as “Movement.”  A more holistic approach to the concept of physical activity and active living, the new Movement concept now emphasizes that all types of physical motion are important.  The concept discourages sedentary behaviors through design strategies, programs and policies.

What does this mean for the typical office design?  Designing movement into your workplace can be as simple as hanging engaging artwork in a hallway, encouraging the use of stairs through signage, and using sit-to-stand desks.  While achieving WELL Certification, of course, would require a more robust implementation of Movement ideas, along with the implementation of components from the other nine concepts, it IS possible to make a difference in your workplace productivity without becoming fully WELL certified.  Contact us here at Hixson to learn more!


Are You “WELL” Versed? Take A(Nother) Look At The WELL Building Standard

“WELL” Versed Part 2: Certification And The WELL Building Standard

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