Life at Hixson: Towne Meetings

Welcome to our new series: Life at Hixson! Here we will showcase things about our firm that help make Hixson an employer of choice, build impenetrable loyalty with our clients, and be a strong partner in the communities in which we live and work.

Let’s kick off this series with Towne Meetings!  For decades, on the third Monday of every month, Hixson associates have gathered together in one large, light-filled room (known, quite appropriately, as the Daylight Room).  The meeting, led by Hixson President and CEO Greg Hammond, features a variety of speakers from various departments within the firm. Topics often include updates on projects, quality improvement initiatives, business development activities, community service opportunities and even reports on building improvements!

Of course, with COVID and our firm’s shift to remote working, the meetings have changed temporarily to an all-hands virtual event. Yet the information provided has been a critical way to keep all of us at Hixson connected with each other, and provided access to the information we need to know about what is happening around our firm.


Wondering about that “E” on the end of the word “Towne?” Ask around Hixson and you’ll get a variety of answers as to why.  The bottom line is no one is 100% sure how it came to be, but it’s been that way for as long as anyone can remember. Long live the “e”!


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