The Savings Add Up With Construction Administration

Earlier this summer, we mentioned that the value of Hixson’s Construction Administration (CA) department can often be measured in ways that are not financial, such as preventing future problems.  Yet financial savings can result too.  For example, on one recent project, in which a Change Bulletin was issued that modified the sizes of an electrical panel and the main switchboard. The submitted proposal from the electrical subcontractor associated with this change was $70,838. Hixson Construction Administrator inquired about the validity of the cost, discussed it with members of the Hixson Electrical department, and then challenged the validity of the cost with the General Contractor. This effort resulted in a revised proposal of just under $10,000…a difference of more than $60,000 for this client.

Of course, on a multi-million dollar project, $60,000 may seem relatively small, but remember: this is just one example. If a project has multiple change orders with similar issues, the costs can add up quickly. It’s just one more reason to have the Hixson CA department on your side.

Ask for your copy of our most recent Value of CA newsletter to read additional examples of how Hixson’s CA group works on our clients’ behalf, or contact us today to learn more about how Hixson Construction Administration can benefit YOUR projects!


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