Life at Hixson: All About Me’s

In our Life at Hixson series, we’re showcasing different things about our firm…activities, ideas, and more…that help make us an employer of choice, build impenetrable loyalty with our clients, and be a strong partner in the communities in which we live and work.

In today’s Life at Hixson post, we’re looking at the All About Me presentation. Last week, we told you about Towne Meetings.  Each Towne Meeting kicks off with an All About Me presentation, in which one associate spends five minutes telling the rest of the firm (as the name implies) all about themselves! Through the All About Me, people who may not usually interact with one another on a day-to-day basis (and even those who do) get to learn about an associate’s childhood, family, their interests and activities…all those little things that make a person unique but which might not be shared in the course of a typical workday.

The All About Me presentation is a long-standing tradition at Hixson, and strictly volunteer-based.  No one is pressured to present, but once folks see how much they can learn, they are often inspired to sign up. In fact, associates with long tenures have even been known to present two or three times!  Check our our related content (below) to get more glimpses of what makes Hixson special!


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