Two Key Thoughts About the Marriage of Remote and In-Office Work

At the end of July, Global Workplace Analytics President Kate Lister provided testimony to Congress on the current state of working during COVID-19.  The featured speaker at Hixson’s upcoming Thought Leadership Series presentation, Kate shared many interesting thoughts and data points during this session, including these two points:

  • “Predictably, organizations that have prioritized cost reduction over people – cramming more people into smaller spaces – have been disappointed by the results.”
  • “Years of occupancy studies around the globe show workspaces are vacant a large part of the workday and meeting rooms are substantially underutilized. The reality is…the workers have left the building, or at least their desk. Leading employers have already transformed their workplaces to better support how and where people are actually working: recreating their offices to best support the kind of work people actually do in them, offer a choice of spaces, and including the option to work remotely.

Hixson’s own findings with our research and our work with our clients supports these conclusions from Kate.  For more, check out Kate’s full written testimony to Congress today, and make plans to join us for her virtual presentation next week!


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