Three Takeaways from the 2020 Hixson Thought Leadership Series Presentation

We hope you were able to attend the 2020 Hixson Thought Leadership Series Presentation last week! We had a record number of attendees at this year’s event, “The Future of Work in a Post-COVID World,” featuring our keynote speaker, Global Workplace Analytics President and noted author and speaker Kate Lister.  Kate offered a wide range of ideas and thoughts about our changing workplace, including:

  • Don’t rush to come back. While this may be obvious from a health perspective, Kate says that this is the time to invest in your workplace and your employees. Consider conducting surveys and focus groups to determine employee needs and wants. Look at ways to adjust your workplace to accommodate a workforce that may continue to work remotely at least part-time post-COVID.  And determine whether technology is robust enough for collaboration, whether employees are separated by nine floors, nine miles, or nine time zones.
  • Re-think your floor plans. Those companies which are bringing employees back now are, of course, dealing with many restrictions.  Communal areas such as break rooms may be closed. Arrows on the floor direct the flow of people to avoid interaction, etc.  Use this time as an opportunity for change. Perhaps your workplace needs to be de-densified, or maybe it is open concept and needs more glass or flex walls to offer privacy and space.
  • Be true to your DNA. This is your opportunity to fundamentally reframe the who, what, when, where, why, and how your organization will work. But you must be true to your organization’s identity. The solution you choose (no remote work, all remote work, or a blend) must be what works for your company and your employees.

This is just a small representation of the messages from Kate in this highly attended webinar. Want to catch the whole presentation? Ask for your link to the video today!


The Future of Work in a Post-COVID World

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