Partner in Education – A Look at the Past

In a typical fall, Hixson would be embarking now on a number of our annual programs with St. Francis de Sales, our Partner in Education grade school.  At St. Francis, our associates volunteer on multiple initiatives designed to foster learning for students in grades one through eight, including:

  • Traveling Bears, which provides each first-grade student with a special bear that “sends” postcards from its journeys throughout the year.
  • Pen Pals, a program designed to improve writing and reading skills by pairing second-grade students with a pen pal from Hixson. Throughout the year, the students, working with their teacher, write and send letters to their Hixson pen pal and receive letters in return.
  • Junior Achievement.  Hixson associates volunteer in kindergarten through eighth-grade classrooms to teach J.A. lesson plans on topics such as financial literacy, career readiness, and the basics of a free-market economy.

Of course, COVID has put a temporary hold on programs like these and others, but rest assured we will return to the classroom when it is safe to do so!

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