“A Match Made in Heaven”: Reflecting on 22 Years with Christina Meyer

Recently, we asked Hixson associate Christina Meyer, Senior Marketing Specialist in our Client Development department, to reflect on her 22-year career here at Hixson. Christina is responsible for a wide range of critical marketing and sales activities, including proposals, website design and management, database administration, and graphic design and layout.  In addition, she is the editor for Hixson’s internal newsletter (Hixson Ink) and also leads and participates in several of our community service efforts.

  • Why did you choose to join Hixson? The company with whom I had been employed decided to move our jobs out of state, so I decided to find a position here in town. I actually had multiple offers, but chose Hixson for three key reasons: I knew I could be integral to the new changes they were instituting in the department at that time (e.g., developing a website and implementing a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database); I felt like I fit the culture; and I loved the work. It was a match made in heaven!
  • How has the firm changed during your tenure? We’ve made multiple positive changes since I began with Hixson.  One of the most impactful to me has been the evolution of our policies to support a healthy work-life balance.  This allows us to use time within the work day to manage our personal needs. Hixson means what they say about making this a great place to work. The second thing would definitely be our in-house learning and development organization known as Hixson University. Compared to where we were 22 years ago, when I spent six years as one of the first university deans, to where we are now is totally amazing. I love that we have our own internal education system and so many resources and tools right here for free at our fingertips.
  • Why have you chosen to stay? I stay because I love the work! As a creative person, it is terrific to be surrounded by so many other creative people on a day-to-day basis. They inspire me, and the learning is never ending. I also believe in Hixson’s culture, and appreciate that we are committed to our associates, to our clients, and to our communities. I want to see Hixson be successful!
  • What excites you about your job? What is the most challenging thing about it? I love the fact that each day brings something new and different to work on.  The website is ever changing; the database is too.  I am constantly being challenged to find ways to advance our message using new technologies while saving time and money. On the flip side, there never seems to be enough time in the day to do everything that I want to do!  I am responsible for many things, and sometimes several deliverables are due all at once.  Yet working with such a great team, we come through just fine every time.
  • Why would you encourage others to consider working at Hixson? Quite simply: Because of our commitment to you. If you come to Hixson, and commit yourself to doing great work, you will do very well here!

Hixson is proud to be an Employer of Choice for our associates like Christina. Want to join her and our other 120 fantastic associates here? Check out our open positions today!


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