Going the Social Distance: Hixson Team Participates in Seek Cincinnati

From the title of this piece, you may think this is another article about COVID-19, but it’s not! Instead, “Going the Social Distance” was the name of Hixson’s group for “Seek Cincy,” a scavenger hunt organized by the Architectural Foundation of Cincinnati (AFC) designed to raise funds for the AFC’s Design Lab program.

Seek Cincy provided a total of 50 clues for each team to solve. These clues, which were all related to Cincinnati’s architectural history, could be completed either virtually or by visiting downtown. After finding an answer to a clue, the team was required to upload a picture of the building or object to an Instagram account.

Participating on Hixson’s “Going the Social Distance” team were associates Alex Lee, Seth Reichenbach, Nathan Alexander, Allee Amstutz, Joe Klingshirn and Zohet Babá Díaz. These intrepid explorers visited downtown Cincinnati on Sunday the 18th to search for answers to the clues. “It was rainy, cold and cloudy, but it did not matter because we were having fun and it was for a great cause,” said Zohet. “Plus it was good to be outdoors learning about the architecture of the Queen City!”

Participation in events such as Seek Cincy and support of programs such as the AFC’s Design Lab are part of Hixson’s commitment to serving the communities in which we work and live. Learn more about this commitment here.




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