Life at Hixson: Team Centers

In our Life at Hixson series, we’re showcasing different things about our firm…activities, ideas, and more…that help make us an employer of choice, build impenetrable loyalty with our clients, and be a strong partner in the communities in which we live and work.

The kitchen table is the all-important center of a home, a place where sustenance is found, bonds are forged, and important decisions are made.  At Hixson, our “kitchen table” is the team center.  At each of the five team centers within our office, project teams gather weekly to plan and coordinate project details using Continuous Improvement methodologies and tactics.  Associates working on a project may meet at a team center spontaneously to collaborate on challenges and determine solutions. And of course, successes along the way are celebrated in the space too.

Right now, the team centers are, of course, quiet and we have adjusted to a more virtual method of discussing and collaborating. Yet when our associates make a complete return to the office, we expect the team centers will once again become a vibrant hub of activity.


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