Have You Seen It? “Water Management Best Practices” Now Available!

Whether due to limited or restricted water supplies, and/or rising costs to bring it into a plant, water has become a precious commodity for today’s food and beverage processors. That’s why it is increasingly necessary for processors to implement strategies and techniques for effective water management.  In Hixson’s Food Plant of the Future webinar, “Water Management Best Practices,” now available on archive, we share the strategies, technologies, and processes for reducing a plant’s overall water footprint.

Want more?  Hixson has been presenting our Food Plant of the Future webinar series in conjunction with Food Engineering magazine for more than a decade.  Click here to see all of our archived webinars and find a topic that interests you!


Water Management Best Practices, A Hixson Food Plant of the Future Webinar

Beyond COVID-19: The Future Of Food Plants: A Hixson Food Plant of the Future Webinar


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