Hail to the Chief: Bryon Sutherly’s Term as IKO Chapter President Ends

Hixson’s Bryon Sutherly has served as the President of CoreNet Global’s Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio (IKO) Chapter since 2019. Although Bryon will continue to serve as a board member for this organization, his term as president is concluding this month. We asked Bryon to reflect on his time as the leader of the IKO chapter.

I grew up in a family that gave broadly to our community – yes, financially, but more importantly, with time. Through my parents, I witnessed this regularly. Thankfully, it has continued generations later… in our children and now grandchildren.  This idea of serving my community was one of the many reasons that I chose to be part of the Hixson Architecture, Engineering, Interiors family, as one of our core values is to Contribute Creatively to our Communities.”

So a decade ago, when a connection of mine (Steve Sendlebeck) asked me to consider joining the local chapter of CoreNet Global, I considered the request. After attending a few Chapter events, as well as a Global Summit, I was convinced.

Connect. Learn. Grow. Belong.

These words resonate. They have purpose. They ARE what CoreNet Global is all about. I had to say Yes! Hixson leadership approved, thus allowing me to be one of the many who truly live our values here at Hixson.

A few years later… and I was elected as a Chapter Board Member, a position I held for several years, attended Chapter events and Global Summits. And, for the past 2+ years, I have been President of the IKO Chapter of CoreNet Global.  Along this part of my journey, there have been a many challenges, highlights, and changes. I choose to highlight only four:

  1. Through then Chapter Board member Becca Meshberger, we identified unmet needs in Indiana and worked to include the state of Indiana in our Chapter: Thus the IKO Chapter name change.
  2. Given our Chapter’s (new) three-state geography, and the wisdom of Chapter Board members in Louisville, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Columbus, and Seattle, we “went virtual” to broaden our reach, ease engagement and save our members the valuable commodity of TIME. This happened Pre-COVID and we did not miss a beat!
  3. With COVID, in-person programs stopped. We determined that “hot topics” were worth discussing. But when and how? We initiated the “Coffee Chat” on the second Wednesday of each month @ 9:00 a.m. Watch for Chapter email announcements, grab your favorite cup and join us for 30 minutes!
  4. Our IKO Chapter was recently honored with “Best Presentation in the Medium Chapter Category” for our presentation at CoreNet Global’s inaugural “Global Corporate Real Estate Week.” This is an incredible acknowledgement of our team’s work in this important arena!

Although my term as President of the IKO Chapter is ending, I will continue as a Board Member and help where it is needed. I am NOT sorry for ANY hour spent with this wonderful organization and this very professional and thoughtful group of people.  And on that note, I want to close by sharing my sincere appreciation and thanks to the fun and fabulous team and current IKO Board: Melanie Vodnick, Scots-Miracle Grow, President; Andrew Urban, Colliers, Pres-Elect/Programs; Rob Rankin, Signify, Finance; Josh Lisman, Workplace Solutions, Sponsorship; Sara Meyers, Knoll, Membership; Bennett Cross, Washington Prime, University/Young Leader Relations; Nate Walczuk, Allegro Reality, Programs; Chad Babin, Humana, Programs; Cindia Wren, 84.51°, Social Media; Jay Berkemeyer; AVUITY; Brian Mackenzie, RJE, Programs; Jeri Kuck, The Kuck Connection, Programs; and of course, Heidi Langer, Chapter Administrator…the glue that holds it ALL together.

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