A Great Place To Work: Continuous Employment at Hixson

On the occasion of Hixson’s 70th anniversary, President & CEO Greg Hammond told the story of having accepted full-time employment with our firm, only to have the events of 9/11 occur soon after.  During this challenging time, Greg said he “did not have a billable project on which to work and yet received a paycheck every two weeks.”

Economic downturns like this are inevitable. In reaction to these downturns, many firms choose to let people go.  If this had happened at Hixson, Greg, as a new associate in 2001, likely would have been one of the first to be laid off.  Yet instead, Greg stayed and rose to become the leader of our firm.

For that, we have Hixson’s Continuous Employment commitment to thank.  As part of Hixson’s philosophy of Management by Values, Hixson’s commitment to Continuous Employment means that we do not lay our people off during challenging times. We know that downturns will eventually swing the other direction. At firms which do lay off, this upswing means they are left scrambling to build their knowledge base and experience back to pre-downturn levels…an often challenging, sometimes insurmountable, feat.

On the other hand, here at Hixson, our average tenure is more than a decade. In fact, we have story after story of associates who have been with us for two decades or more!

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