Pen Pals and Pizza Parties of the Past


One of Hixson’s values is to creatively contribute to the communities where we live and work. For well over a decade, one way that we’ve met this commitment is by serving as a corporate partner with St. Francis de Sales School in Cincinnati’s Walnut Hills neighborhood. Through this partnership, Hixson works with St. Francis students on a variety of initiatives.

One of those initiatives is Hixson’s Pen Pal program with St. Francis second graders. This program provides a fun way for students to work on reading and penmanship outside of usual assignments, and also gives them something to look forward to, as letters usually arrive with treats, coloring sheets and other fun things! At the end of the school year, Hixson and their pen pals get together for an annual pizza party celebration. While the program was put on pause this year due to COVID-19, we all look forward to resuming it in the future.


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