Kamden & the Co-ops, Part 2

In January, we mentioned that former Hixson co-op Kamden Rottgen would be working at Hixson part-time while completing his degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology from the University of Cincinnati. A resident of Norwood, Ohio, Kamden is now a full-time Engineer within our Plumbing department. Congratulations and welcome aboard Kamden!

In addition to Kamden, Hixson is pleased to announce the return of the following co-op students this summer:

  • Abby Gronauer will once again be be working with our Structural Engineering team.
  • Erin Voner, who was co-op with our Plumbing department this past semester, will be joining our HVAC Engineering department for this term.

Hixson also welcomes the following new co-ops to our firm:

  • Allison Douthat: Architecture.
  • Ashley Maffey: Process Engineering.
  • Ben Mora: Manufacturing Engineering.
  • Austin Schirmer: Plumbing Engineering.
  • Andrew Zanin: Electrical Engineering.

For decades, Hixson has been a strong supporter of co-operative education. At Hixson, students gain important, hands-on experience within a professional design and engineering environment. If you know a student looking for a meaningful co-op placement, let them know to submit their resumé today!


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